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Do you want a water tank for hydro excavating?

For Industrial Work
For Almost Anything

How much water vs. debris should your truck hold?

Do you need to operate in freezing temperatures?

Do you want a boom?

Included in Base
Adds about $20K

What kind of transmission do you want?

Less Expensive
Due to cold weather package
Easier to Operate

Do you plan on air excavating?

For air excavating, we recommend adding a load port to the tailgate and using a separate compressor.

Are you located in Hawaii, Florida, Georgia or or Mississippi?

Hawaii, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi don't recognize lift axles

Do you want an offload system besides dumping or decanting?

Depending on whether you'll be offloading wet or dry, we can include a pump off system for wet, or an auger for dry.

Do you want a wireless remote?

What kind of toolboxes do you prefer?

Stainless is slightly more expensive

OK! One more question. How do you feel about lights?

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